Mouse Mats

Here at Planting Solutions we have had a successful trial printing mouse mats. In fact the finished product has been so good, we will be adding them to our product range.

It uses the Dye-Sublimation process that has been amusing us for some time. I'm not saying we felt superior to the process and thus it “amused” us in a pompous way, far from it. I use the word 'amused' to express the delight we have every time we have a successful test of another new product.

The printed mugs are always a thrill to unveil and iphone covers are just cool.

Also in the news, the Planting Solutions Blog has started. The first one is kicking off our new campaign to get the world talking again. #justASK is all about stopping the assumption that a company won't do something by asking if they do. The worst they can say is no. So don't guess, #justASK.

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